Insurance Accounts & Invoicing System Core

Stay in control of your income and outgoings

Issue invoices, track payments, reconcile accounts and manage cashflow, all within an intuitive platform.

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Know what's coming in, and going out with Intelligent Accounts Functionality

Unlock a comprehensive financial overview within your organisation through BrokerCentral's robust suite of features. Seamlessly issue and monitor invoices, while also tracking commission payments and fees. With this integrated solution, you're empowered to confidently navigate the intricate realm of financial operations.

Issue, Chase and Manage invoices

BrokerCentral empowers you to create and issue invoices directly from the platform. Stay on top of payments by sending timely reminders for unpaid invoices. Gain insights into invoice details, including premium breakdowns, IPT, discounts, and fees, providing you with a comprehensive financial overview.

Client money, retained earnings and payaways. Keep tabs on the cash flow of your business

BrokerCentral offers comprehensive financial insights, enabling you to view projected and realised income for your brokerage effortlessly. Track funds allocated to insurers and accurately gauge earnings. With swift referencing of any time period, maintain an up-to-date snapshot of your brokerage's financial health, facilitating informed decisions.

Reconcile statements from insurers against business transactions

Streamline your payment management process by effortlessly cross-referencing insurer statements with financial data housed within BrokerCentral. This ensures accurate and timely payments, leaving no room for oversight or missed transactions.

Manage your introducers and track their payments

Introducer management allows you to effortlessly view projected and realised income generated through your introducers. Track payments, issue statements and assess contribution to earnings. With quick access to historical data, easily see the introducer's impact on your brokerage's financial success.

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