Insurance Policy Administration System Core

Policy Management, simplified.

All of your clients policies in one place. Manage Renewals, MTAs and Cancellations with ease

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Effortlessly Handle Policies with BrokerCentral's Range of Productivity Tools

Effortlessly handle file management, MTAs, cancellations, and renewals through BrokerCentral's dynamic policy management tools.

Everything in one place

Experience a streamlined timeline view that helps you oversee all your policies—past, present, and future. With a single click, access all policy-related data seamlessly.

Record and Manage policy Claims

Experience a simplified approach to policy claims management with a centralised view. Easily record and manage claims details while automatically updating claims history records for upcoming renewals and additional policy sales.

Streamline the renewal process

Enable your team to stay well-prepared for impending renewals by setting a renewal reminder window. Monitor and manage upcoming renewals seamlessly through a consolidated timeline view. Leverage the latest client information, including their past policies and claims, to effortlessly re-market policies for optimal pricing and coverage.

Seamless Mid-Term Adjustments

Streamline mid-term adjustments effortlessly using BrokerCentral. Just update the system with the changes and the MTA amount, and watch as the system automatically recalculates the new annual policy values. The MTA policy details seamlessly integrate into future renewals and additional policy transactions, ensuring continuity and efficiency.

Painless Cancellations

Bid farewell to the hassle of policy cancellations with BrokerCentral's streamlined process. Record cancellation reasons to gain valuable insights into your business operations. Effortlessly calculate return premiums and fees in an instant. Provide a top-class level of service to your client to ensure that the door remains open for their future insurance requirements.

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