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Always know what to say

Email can be controlled directly within the platform. Control the messaging your clients and suppliers see from defined, customisable templates

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Streamline Your Email Workflow with BrokerCentral

Managing emails becomes a breeze as BrokerCentral takes care of your inbox. Say goodbye to repetitive emails! The platform offers a collection of ready-made email templates, complete with customisable client details. Why reinvent the wheel? Simply choose a template and save time.

Unify your brand message with Global Signatures

Empower your entire team to showcase your brand seamlessly in their email signatures. With Global Signatures, you can effortlessly ensure consistency and professionalism. Whether it's highlighting the latest company news or sharing key updates, this feature lets you set up a signature template, add personalisation tags, and hey presto! Watch as your team's email signatures get a synchronised makeover, all at the click of a button.

Tailor standard system emails to reflect your style

BrokerCentral comes packed with a range of ready-to-use email templates to cover your everyday communication essentials. You can tailor the default templates to match your unique style, adjust the tone to resonate with your brand's voice, and sprinkle in personal touches using customisation tags. When it comes to reaching out to clients and suppliers, a personal touch makes all the difference.

Say Goodbye to Repetition with Custom Templates

Tired of rewriting the same emails for each client? Imagine having a starting point with personalised details ready to go. With Custom Email Templates, you craft your email once, with personalisation included, then effortlessly fine-tune it for each client. Retain the personal touch while leaving repetition behind.

Effortless Email Management, Seamless Auditing

Every email sent through the system is automatically archived in the relevant client file. Inbound messages can be effortlessly dragged and dropped into the client file for permanent storage. This guarantees a transparent audit trail and keeps your entire team updated when reviewing client records.

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