Automated Tasks, Reminders & Diary Core

Always know what to do, and when to do it

BrokerCentral provides an automated diary and reminder system to keep you and your team in the loop, ensuring nothing slips through the net.

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Stay ahead of the game with BrokerCentral's Diary System

Addressing the challenges faced by busy insurance brokers, BrokerCentral's innovative automated diary system ensures essential tasks are never overlooked, leading to heightened client satisfaction through streamlined operations.

System generated tasks

BrokerCentral is your ultimate sidekick, effortlessly baking automated tasks into its core operations. Once you've conquered a task, voila! Instant follow-up actions and reminders pop up, keeping you on top of your game, always a step ahead.

Create tasks for yourself

Whether it's a client call or a crucial meeting, BrokerCentral has your back. Simply set your task and preferred reminder time, and BrokerCentral will ping you when it's time for you to take action, ensuring you never miss a thing.

Get alerted when something needs your attention

Stay Informed Anywhere, Anytime with BrokerCentral's Reminders. Reminders pop up right within the platform, and if you're not logged in, don't worry—email reminders will keep you in the loop, ensuring nothing slips under your radar.

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