Insurance Reporting, Data & MI System Core

Use data to your advantage

Knowledge is power. BrokerCentral comes pre-packaged with a section of tools and dashboards, allowing you to re-gain full visibility of your business and make rapid, data-led decisions.

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Informed Decision-Making made possible with BrokerCentral Reporting

Unlock the power of data within BrokerCentral to gain a comprehensive understanding of your operations. Dive deep into the wealth of information at your disposal to maintain constant visibility and make strategic, data-driven business decisions that steer your brokerage towards success.

Easy to understand headline stats, at your fingertips

BrokerCentral delivers intuitive, impactful headline stats in a visual format, enabling you to swiftly gauge your brokerage's performance. Gain insights into business placements and insurer partnerships, identify top-performing staff members, assess the success of each line of business, and seamlessly compare against historical periods.

Standard reports, ready to use

BrokerCentral equips you with a range of standard reports, including transactions, staff performance, policies, insurer placements, and client insights. These reports serve as valuable starting points, offering the flexibility to leverage the data according to your unique requirements. Easily export the reports in various formats, ensuring seamless integration into your analytical processes. Unleash the power of data in ways that suit your business needs.

Bespoke reports

Advance your analytical capabilities by tailoring reports to extract deeper knowledge. BrokerCentral offers an array of filtering options, ensuring the data you require is presented optimally. Unlock granular insights that align with your unique needs. Additionally, export reports to MI systems for enhanced interrogation, enabling you to delve even deeper into your data landscape.