Insurance Sales CRM Software Core

One central place to manage your clients

BrokerCentral provides an Industry-leading CRM to keep track of all of your clients and their unique insurance needs. Packed full of time saving and customer winning features, you can finally work smarter, not harder.

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A Tailored CRM Designed Exclusively for Insurance Brokers

Meticulously tailored to suit insurance brokers' distinct requirements, our CRM empowers you to stay ahead in this dynamic market. With its state-of-the-art features, user-friendly interface, and bespoke approach, you can effortlessly nurture client relationships, streamline operations, and unlock new levels of productivity.

Keep tabs on your leads

Effortlessly manage your new business opportunities and assign them to your team. BrokerCentral ensures that no opportunity slips through the cracks and no one is left with too much (or too little) to do. With seamless tracking and intelligent allocation, seize every chance for success and foster a thriving work environment for your team.

Turn your website into a lead generating machine

Upgrade your contact page with BrokerCentral's lead capture integration. Just add a line of code, and visitors can easily fill out a form, automatically generating a lead record in our CRM system. You'll be notified instantly, so your team can impress potential clients with exceptional service.

Identify links between businesses, transactions and contacts

BrokerCentral simplifies tracking contacts with links to multiple businesses/transactions. By automatically linking transactions and contacts, you get a clearer and more comprehensive view of each client's impact. Gain valuable insights for informed decisions and stronger relationships.

Assign the right person to the job

Effortlessly assign Account Handlers and Executives to each lead, active client, and transaction. Generate reports on turnaround times and income, and easily re-assign to another team member when required. Simplify your workflow with BrokerCentral's seamless management tools.

Ensure you're providing a top level service

BrokerCentral's active customer service monitoring delivers invaluable stats to your management team and staff, offering practical benchmarks and targets for enhanced customer service. Your team will consistently deliver exceptional results for your clients.

Keep track of important notes about your client

Stay on top of every client interaction with BrokerCentral's active internal log. Collaborate with team members through user tagging, ensuring smooth handovers and continuous collaboration. Maintain a permanent audit trail of all client activities and policies, leaving no detail overlooked.

One view of everything relating to your client

Find everything related to your clients in one convenient place with BrokerCentral. From claims, risk addresses, and vehicles to policies, emails, and files - everything is at your fingertips! Easily access this comprehensive information while producing proposals, saving valuable time on data rekeying. BrokerCentral streamlines your workflow and puts all the necessary details in one accessible location for seamless efficiency.