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Getting a winning proposal out to your client has never been quicker or easier.

BrokerCentral revolutionises the insurance quote sourcing and proposal process, eliminating the time-consuming and monotonous tasks, making it hassle-free and efficient.

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Proposals signed, sealed and delivered up to 83% quicker.

Traditionally, sourcing quotes and crafting insurance proposals has been a tedious and repetitive task, consuming valuable time and resources. At BrokerCentral, we've reimagined this process to bring you a unique quote sourcing and proposal generation system that takes away the pain and automates the drudgery. Everything you need is consolidated within a single multi-step process, streamlining your workflow and empowering you to focus on what truly matters - providing exceptional service to your clients and propelling your brokerage to new heights of success.

One Questionset - Multiple Quotes

With BrokerCentral's cutting-edge risk capture forms, you'll experience unparalleled efficiency. Dynamic forms adapt based on the type of cover and panel of insurers chosen. Only relevant questions specifically asked by insurers are asked and any duplicates are removed. Say goodbye to redundant questions and streamline your workflow by completing just one form.

Quote for multiple lines of business in one proposal

BrokerCentral caters to the unique needs of each client. You can choose multiple lines of business to quote on and effortlessly combine them into a single proposal. Simplify your process and provide tailor-made solutions with ease.

Find the right products from your panel of insurers

Trade with ANY insurance provider you have an agreement with. The platform analyses products from your insurer panel and intelligently suggests the best-fit options, simplifying your decision-making process. Additionally, BrokerCentral keeps you updated with similar products from the wider market, ensuring you stay informed about new insurers and products in the industry. Stay ahead of the game with BrokerCentral's comprehensive insights.

Skip the re-keying

Enrich your proposal data effortlessly by tapping into public sources such as Companies House, Royal Mail, and the DVLA, all without requiring any input from your clients or additional typing. The platform automatically gathers relevant information, providing you with comprehensive data to enhance your proposals. Streamline your workflow and ensure accurate and up-to-date details with BrokerCentral's seamless data enrichment capabilities.

Eye-catching Presentations

BrokerCentral automates the creation of eye-catching risk presentations, displaying all pertinent information about your client in an easy-to-read format. Our platform effortlessly formats and compiles the relevant risk capture data, ensuring a professional and visually appealing presentation. Once completed, you can conveniently send the presentations to your chosen underwriting team directly through the system.

Automate into Insurer Extranets (Like magic)

BrokerCentral streamlines your workflow by reformatting risk capture data to align with the specific requirements of each insurer portal. With just a click of a button, data is automatically transferred into the correct insurer portal form fields, eliminating the need for manual rekeying and saving you valuable time. Say goodbye to tedious data entry and let BrokerCentral handle it all effortlessly.

Create multiple quote combinations

BrokerCentral's 'Mixing Deck' technology offers clients a level of choice by allowing brokers to mix and match coverages from multiple insurers into a single proposal. Our quote optimiser generates tailored options based on multiple criteria. Effortlessly present multiple choices, and go the extra mile without the extra effort. Elevate your brokerage with BrokerCentral and provide personalised solutions to your clients.

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